Hello 2018!

I think by this point I have proven I am no good whatsoever at keeping a blog, but oh well. You’ll get updates eventually.¬†

I am now in the second semester of my third year at university, and I feel it is off to a good start. I am interested in all the courses I am taking, and have plenty of ideas for my dissertation proposal. Whether or not these ideas are good is a different matter, but I shall try and keep you posted once I have finalized my plans…which needs to be by a week Tuesday really if I want to get any good feedback on it. Fun fun fun!
I do love living in this flat, although at times it can be a bit heated and I feel a little bit out of my depth. But I am learning to deal with my social issues bit by bit, and as long as I have someone who I can discuss it with and can bring me down from my freak outs I am okay. I am also getting better at doing that myself, although I still get stressed about money a lot.
Things have never been going better in my life though, if I am being completely honest. My family are about to go on our first holiday in 11 years – we’re going to New York – and my studies are going well and are engaging. I do love living in this flat, and I have a good circle of friends who always have my back, even if they are spread far and wide at times. I also have a boyfriend who is willing to put up with my madness, and is always a highlight of my day. I can’t imagine a life where I don’t talk to him every day anymore; he is just simply part of what makes my life, my life. And I have never been happier with that.
So yeah, it’s going well. I’m currently sat watching the Snooker (blame the boyfriend) and relaxing a bit. I probably should have done some more work today, but I intend to make up for that tomorrow with plenty of work around my Remote Sensing class essay. It isn’t formally assessed, but I like to try hard in everything I do!

Will try and keep this blog more up to date about my life, although I make no promises. I used to be obsessed with documenting my life, describing every little thing that occurred within it. Now I am more focused on living it, and enjoying each and every moment as it comes. 

A Catch-up

Hey all, it’s been a while.

I sort of forgot that I had this blog really Рwhat  a surprise. But hey, I am a third year now so I am busy 100% of the time. But I do feel that it is time for a catch-up!

I am still in the flat I moved into and it is going well. As well as it can, anyway. We have a mouse, they don’t like mice, I tend to feel like I’m a scapegoat. A DS on the table is not going to tempt a mouse, but yes, I shall clean up more and not leave anything lying around. I don’t know. It’s one of those days where I am feeling overly sensitive. But that’s on me. Sometimes it is hard though. I know that so much of it is in my head, and that it is up to me to figure out, I should not expect sympathy or understanding from anyone. But still. I feel kind of alone.

I have a boyfriend! That would be news number two. We’ve been going out for a while now, and I feel he is good for me. I mean, he puts up with me being scathing and sarcastic for some reason, but I’m glad he does. I’m not going to say much more about him, that’s personal stuff.

Umm…didn’t stay friends with my old flat. Well, I’m still friends with one of them. But nope, not really friends with the chemists anymore. The more I write this blog post the more I don’t really know what I’m saying, it is kind of scatty. Oh wells.

That’ll do for now.

Moving Day

I finally did it. I finally moved flats! 

Yesterday I finally moved into the flat that has one of my geography pals in it, leaving the chemists behind. I’ll still be friends with them, but I think the friendships may improve now I’m not living with them. So I’m feeling positive about that.
The move was stressful. I’ve only moved a 30 second walk around the corner, but I had no one helping me move stuff for the most part and it was a 30 second walk plus three flights of stairs. That’s a lot of stairs when you have a very heavy suitcase full of your life. But I managed it, and I am now in a light and airy room that is twice the size of my old one and just makes me feel happy. It’s the right size that my posters don’t look like they’ve shrunk it and I feel more content here than I have for a very long time.
I think my favourite part is the desk, simply because it’s massive and I’m now able to put all my books in a row instead of in a box like last time. It feels so good to be able to see my book titles, with my Game of Thrones pop figures on top and all of my tickets and photos.

I just feel very content.



The Blonde Stereotype

I have always been tall, slender, and most importantly, blonde. Natural blonde. 

That may not seem like that much of a big deal, especially for a twenty year old woman studying Geography at university. But as a child, it was something that led to a massive confidence issue. I remember constantly begging my mother and the hairdresser to let me dye my hair brown, to become one of those ‘fun brunettes’. And now, watching all of these old teenage films out of boredom, I remember just how much I hated one aspect of them.
You see, the villain of so many of these films are tall, slender and blonde. Seeing a theme? Every film I seemed to watch, ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’, ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Wild Child’ to name a few – all had these blonde bitchy girls as the main antagonists, and the heroine as a sparky brunette. Even films like ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Clueless’ didn’t impress me, because although ‘Legally Blonde’ ends with the blonde being amazing, to begin with she is portrayed as the typical ditzy girl. And those were the two choices I only ever saw; the bitchy high school mean girl or the completely ditzy blonde.
My main issue with this is that as a child it meant that I was constantly seeing the blondes portrayed in pretty negative ways, and I had no idea how to counteract that. I was intelligent, I wasn’t ditzy. I just wanted one blonde star who was like that, instead of being mean. This may sound pretty pathetic, but it did get to me.
And I guess it still gets to me now. We are currently in a sort of phase/trend where blonde hair is no longer the ‘in’ thing. So every guy’s type seems to be petite curvy brunettes. And I can’t change who I am, nor would I want to. But it gets a bit wearing after a while when I am constantly asked if I dye my hair or being completely overlooked because I do not fit the current beauty standards. For the record, the only time I’ve dyed my hair was March of this year when I dyed the tips lilac.
I am aware this is a pretty pathetic post, and that many people may hate me for it. But essentially all I want are some teenage films that portray blondes as intelligent kind people. Maybe films have changed since I was 14. I hope so. But the most recent films I’ve seen on Netflix don’t give me that much hope.

I’m blonde, and proud of that. I wish there could be some teenage movies that give the same sense of pride that I’ve had to find within myself.¬†

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