Just Another Manic Monday

Ah Monday. The day where it seems just that much harder to get out of bed. 

One of the hardest parts of finding my timetable at the beginning on January was discovering I had a 9am on a Monday for Social and Cultural Geography. It wasn’t that I had a problem with the subject, nor that Sunday was the night that I would go out clubbing – it was just the prospect of having to be that proactive on a Monday morning.
I decided to embrace it; I even put my tutorial for the module in the slot after so I would have no choice but to properly get up and be productive with the day. But sometimes it is still difficult. I woke up this morning, and I just wanted to stay in bed. I was warm. I felt safe. I didn’t want to get start another week and lose the weekend. But eventually, you have to get up. I had a field trip that was going to be fun, and of course plenty of laughs with my geography friends. It was going to be a good day.
It does in fact do me good to wake up and get up early. If I stayed in bed all day I know I’d feel less proactive, less happy with myself. And that’s the constant struggle.

Don’t let that negative urge get you to stay in bed. Sometimes, what you ultimately need is to get out of bed and just focus on what is going to be good about today. 


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