Backed in a Corner

This post is going to be mostly a stream of thoughts, to understand some of the fears and anxieties that have come from a shift.

I flyer for a nightclub. It’s alright money, and it’s an easy job. It means I’m out on a Friday night in places full of drunk people, but I’m usually okay. We stick in pairs, and I have never felt unsafe in this city.

However, tonight we were flyering by ourselves on the usual street. I always feel slightly insecure by myself around drunk people, but tonight seemed to be quite rowdy. I was relieved when a friend who also flyered appeared and asked if I wanted to flyer together. So we started flyering together, when a guy comes up to us. He backs us into a corner, and asks us if we will kiss his friend. We tell him no, and he asks us why not. We tell him because we don’t want to, and he asks us if we will kiss him. We tell him no, we don’t want to. He kept trying to back us into a corner, his face so close to ours. We managed to get him away, and walked straight to the guy who was flyering and stayed with him all night.

It was just a drunk guy. But it was scary. What if I had been on my own? I have never really felt unsafe in this city, and I know I am safe now. But I will never flyer by myself again, no matter how much anyone complains. I’d rather not have to wait until something happens for thinking to change.

I need a cup of tea. 


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