Pondering Prague

I have just spent my first full day in Prague, and I feel like I may be falling in love.

It reminds me of the other European cities I’ve been to; the coloured houses like in Copenhagen and Amsterdam; the meandering cobbled streets; the old architecture always on the brink of falling onto the new. But it is also different to those other two places – namely through the lack of bikes, which I am thrilled by.

But it isn’t just the lack of bikes that is making me fall in love with this place – it’s the feel of the city. There is such a rich history here that I feel I could spend years exploring the ancient histories. There are so many beautiful views and picturesque alleys that I wish I could have my camera out every second, recording exactly what my eyes can see. The people are friendly and kind, always willing to help and smile, a welcome you don’t usually get in the UK. 

I could spend weeks exploring this city, seeing the nightlife and uncovering secrets. But I suppose just one more day will have to do. 


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