Walks Around Edinburgh

Today I went for a walk around the city I call home. 

I have had a relatively good day, despite my previous post containing the poem. Those thoughts constantly swirl around my head, although I hope that you realise from the last line that I am okay for the moment. I have found a routine to stick to, and plans to keep me focused on exams.
Today I met up with one of my closest friends and we wandered up to the castle, and around Edinburgh in general. We went to princes street, so she could get some new clothes and makeup. For once I didn’t buy anything, other than an ice cream outside of the castle. It was nice to be outside though, to feel the relaxing breeze and just to talk to someone who understands that I feel alone. It feels good to be appreciated, to know that there are people who wish to spend time with me and want to be friends with me. It seems hard to come by now a-days.

Edinburgh is such a pretty city. When I walk through it and hear all the shouts and sounds of the city, I feel slightly more alive. 


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