The Life Update

One exam down, two to go. T-minus 23 days before I’m out of this flat for good. 

So, hey guys. It’s not going so great. Exams are stressful but I love focusing on the revision and I feel like this next exam on Tuesday is going to go great, or at least better than the first one. Human geography I’ve always struggled with, but physical processes I’m a bit more down with. Less waffle, more logic!
But yeah, it hasn’t been so much fun. I’ve cried a lot, and felt that old friend anxiety pretty much constantly. I had a bad spell on Wednesday when I went out drinking, and have now promised my close friends that I won’t drink until I’m more mentally stable. I think they worry more than they let on about me, about how I might do something or be a risk to myself. I don’t think I’m a risk to myself, I normally reason my way out of any feelings; but I do understand their concerns.
This flat is getting to be a little bit. I booked my train ticket home for the 30th May so now it’s just a case of lasting til then and then it’s back home with the family and people who understand what I’m going through properly. I do have one supportive flatmate and I will miss her so much when I go, but overall I will be glad to get out of this toxic environment. Not having a place at uni that I can comfortably call home really isn’t helping the situation.

So yeah. We’re getting there. Just focusing on the exams and trying to do well. Only 23 more days until I’m home. 


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