The Blonde Stereotype

I have always been tall, slender, and most importantly, blonde. Natural blonde. 

That may not seem like that much of a big deal, especially for a twenty year old woman studying Geography at university. But as a child, it was something that led to a massive confidence issue. I remember constantly begging my mother and the hairdresser to let me dye my hair brown, to become one of those ‘fun brunettes’. And now, watching all of these old teenage films out of boredom, I remember just how much I hated one aspect of them.
You see, the villain of so many of these films are tall, slender and blonde. Seeing a theme? Every film I seemed to watch, ‘Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging’, ‘Mean Girls’, ‘Wild Child’ to name a few – all had these blonde bitchy girls as the main antagonists, and the heroine as a sparky brunette. Even films like ‘Legally Blonde’ and ‘Clueless’ didn’t impress me, because although ‘Legally Blonde’ ends with the blonde being amazing, to begin with she is portrayed as the typical ditzy girl. And those were the two choices I only ever saw; the bitchy high school mean girl or the completely ditzy blonde.
My main issue with this is that as a child it meant that I was constantly seeing the blondes portrayed in pretty negative ways, and I had no idea how to counteract that. I was intelligent, I wasn’t ditzy. I just wanted one blonde star who was like that, instead of being mean. This may sound pretty pathetic, but it did get to me.
And I guess it still gets to me now. We are currently in a sort of phase/trend where blonde hair is no longer the ‘in’ thing. So every guy’s type seems to be petite curvy brunettes. And I can’t change who I am, nor would I want to. But it gets a bit wearing after a while when I am constantly asked if I dye my hair or being completely overlooked because I do not fit the current beauty standards. For the record, the only time I’ve dyed my hair was March of this year when I dyed the tips lilac.
I am aware this is a pretty pathetic post, and that many people may hate me for it. But essentially all I want are some teenage films that portray blondes as intelligent kind people. Maybe films have changed since I was 14. I hope so. But the most recent films I’ve seen on Netflix don’t give me that much hope.

I’m blonde, and proud of that. I wish there could be some teenage movies that give the same sense of pride that I’ve had to find within myself. 


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