Moving Day

I finally did it. I finally moved flats! 

Yesterday I finally moved into the flat that has one of my geography pals in it, leaving the chemists behind. I’ll still be friends with them, but I think the friendships may improve now I’m not living with them. So I’m feeling positive about that.
The move was stressful. I’ve only moved a 30 second walk around the corner, but I had no one helping me move stuff for the most part and it was a 30 second walk plus three flights of stairs. That’s a lot of stairs when you have a very heavy suitcase full of your life. But I managed it, and I am now in a light and airy room that is twice the size of my old one and just makes me feel happy. It’s the right size that my posters don’t look like they’ve shrunk it and I feel more content here than I have for a very long time.
I think my favourite part is the desk, simply because it’s massive and I’m now able to put all my books in a row instead of in a box like last time. It feels so good to be able to see my book titles, with my Game of Thrones pop figures on top and all of my tickets and photos.

I just feel very content.



Our histories run down our rivers, down our rivers to the sea….I love Frank Turner lyrics.

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